Public health is a science and art of diseases prevention, prolonging life and health promotion implemented by social endeavours, clean environment, infection control, teaching the principles of personal hygiene, organising the medical and nursing services aimed at disease prevention and early diagnosis, development of the social mechanisms which provide each individual and society with living conditions appropriate to enjoy good health.

         Public health is an organised endeavour of the society for protection, promotion and restoration of people’s health. Any programmes, services and institutions dealing with this issue aim at disease prevention and health needs of the population as a whole.

         The aim of this scientific discipline is to diminish  pathological inclinations, the amount of untimely deaths and to limit the frequency of conditions causing suffering and disability. The decisive function of this discipline is focused on broadly conceived prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of both individuals and whole communities.

         Public health is connected firs of all with ecological health conditions, which include providing healthy environmental conditions in which people live such as water, air, surroundings.

         Special emphasis is placed on new technologies being means of progress in the medical science and health care.

          Public health as a scientific discipline and a domain of practical activity is a continuation of the principles of  the World Health Organization   (WHO)    Alma Ata 1962 Declaration”Health for All”.